How to use your Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX (Instruction Manual)

Get to know the DDJ-RZX DJ controller for rekordbox

Take a look at the key features of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX 4-channel controller, see what’s included in the box, and find out how to .

How to connect the DDJ-RZX to your other equipment

Discover the uses for all the terminals on the controller and hook up external equipment including turntables, microphones, and DJ players. Plug in an amp or powered speakers, and connect your laptop.

What you can do with the buttons, knobs, and faders, on the DDJ-RZX

Explore the browser, deck, and mixer sections of the unit. Understand the uses of all the controls, including the jog wheels, and take a look at the information you’ll find on the touch screens.

How to start DJing with the DDJ-RZX

Find out how to connect the DDJ-RZX to your laptop via the USB port and start using rekordbox. Play tracks from your rekordbox library and tweak the audio with various controls on the unit.

How to use the professional features on the DDJ-RZX

Ready to get creative? Use the Performance Pads to trigger Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Pad FX, and more. Spice up your sets with Beat FX and Release FX and find out how to output images and videos.

How to set up DVS control with the DDJ-RZX

Want to connect turntables or DJ players and use them to control tracks in your rekordbox library? Follow the guide to using the DVS function in the software (time-coded control vinyl/discs required).

How to change settings on the DDJ-RZX

Find out how to view the Utilities screen and set up the DJ controller the way you like. Change settings for the talk over function, attenuator levels, screen brightness, crossfader cut lag, and more.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the DDJ-RZX

Solve issues with sound, USB connections, and more. Install software drivers for PC/Mac and update the DDJ-RZX’s firmware. And find out about using MIDI to control other compatible DJ software.


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