How to use your Pioneer DJ CDJ-TOUR1 multi player (Instruction Manual)

What the CDJ-TOUR1 can do 

Discover all the supported media types, such as SD cards and USB drives, and the file formats you can play. Find out how to prepare rekordbox and update to the latest CDJ-TOUR1 firmware.

How to connect the CDJ-TOUR1 to your other equipment 

Set up the TOUR1 system by connecting to the DJM-TOUR1 mixer. Or connect to a PRO DJ LINK network or other hardware units such as laptops, DJ mixers, and DJ controllers via the various terminals. 

What you can do with the buttons and controls on the CDJ-TOUR1

Explore the 7-inch and 13-inch color touch screens and all the features on the control panel. Find out about the front and rear panels and the jog wheel, including its display. 

How to start DJing with the CDJ-TOUR1

Get to grips with the tiltable display and jog wheel and learn how to connect and eject SD cards and USB drives. Start playing tracks and find information on changing settings to suit your style. 

How to use the CDJ-TOUR1’s professional features 

Delve deeper into the CDJ-TOUR1’s features. Start setting loops and Hot Cues. Find out how to use Beat Jump, Slip mode, and beat sync. And discover advanced ways to browse and tag tracks. 

Changing settings on the CDJ-TOUR1 

Set up the CDJ-TOUR1 just the way you like. Change what you see on each screen, duplicate settings on other players in the network, and find out how to store and call settings up from a USB device.

How to use DJ software with the CDJ-TOUR1 

Get to know how you can operate rekordbox or other types of MIDI/HID compatible DJ software via the multi player. For a list of MIDI messages output by the CDJ-TOUR1, click here. 

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the CDJ-TOUR1

Having problems? Find out how to solve issues with media (e.g. USB drives), playback, and music files. Discover the meanings of error codes and icons and learn how to clean the screens properly.


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