We found that information, enlarged waveform and video may not be displayed on the DDJ-RZX.
To solve this problem, please follow the instructions here.

rekordbox Software Download

rekordbox software is available free of charge from the below website.

Please refer to the rekordbox Operating Instructions
Please refer to the Hardware diagram for DDJ-RZX.

Downloading the rekordbox software manual

The rekordbox software manual is available from the website below.

Operating environment for rekordbox

For the latest information on the operating environment of rekordbox, please visit

  • Operation is not guaranteed on all computers,
    even if all the required operating environment conditions indicated here are fulfilled.
  • Depending on the computer’s power-saving settings, etc., the CPU and hard disk may not provide sufficient processing capabilities.
    For laptop in particular, make sure the computer is in the proper conditions to provide constant high performance
    (for example by keeping the AC power connected) when using rekordbox.
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