TORAIZ SQUID Manager for Mac

SQUID Manager for Mac

SQUID Manager is software for sending and receiving project data and pattern data of the SQUID between the SQUID and your computer.

Please update the firmware of the SQUID to Ver.1.10 or later to use SQUID manager.
The latest firmware can be downloaded from here.

Please read Firmware Update Guide to check the firmware of your PRODUCTION INSTRUMENTS and how to update the firmware.

This software is only available on Mac OS X 10.12 and later version.

Installation Procedure
   1. Download the software from the download link.
   2. Unzip the downloaded zip file
   3. Double-click Install SQUID Manager for mac ***.pkg file and install it to your computer.

ver. 1.0.2 Update

  • macOS Big Sur (Intel Core processor / M1 chip) support


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