How to use your Pioneer DJ DJM-350 (Instruction Manual)

What the DJM-350 can do

Take a look at the key features of the 2-channel DJ mixer including the 3-band EQ, fader start, and USB recording. You can update the DJM-350’s firmware to the latest version here.

How to connect the DJM-350 to your speakers and other equipment

Find out how to set up all your gear by connecting the DJM-350 to speakers or an amp. Hook up DJ players, turntables, headphones, and a microphone. And plug in a USB drive to record your mixes.

How to DJ with the DJM-350

Discover the functions of all the controls on the mixer and start outputting sound. Then, get creative with the DJM-350’s Master Effects and record your performance on a USB drive.

How to troubleshoot and fix problems with the DJM-350

Having technical difficulties? Resolve issues with effects, faders, USB devices, and distorted or weak sound. Here, you’ll find a list of specifications too, including the DJM-350’s dimensions.


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