Virtual DJ

VirtualDJ LE 8

VirtualDJ LE 8 Software Download

VirtualDJ 8 software is available from the website below.

Please read the Operating Instructions (DJ Software Setup) for installatation procedure.

Please refer to the Hardware diagram for VirtualDJ 8 for the functions controlled by DDJ-WeGO4.

Please click the SETTINGS icon to confirm the AUDIO SETTINGS after launching Virtual DJ LE 8.
Even if [DDJ_WeGO4 ASIO] or [DDJ_WeGO4] may be selected when you click [MICROPHONE] under [AUDIO SETTINGS] > [INPUT], DDJ-WeGO4 does not send the mic sound input from the Mic terminal.

Downloading the VirtualDJ 8 User Guides

VirtualDJ 8 User Guides is available from the web site below.

Operating environment for VirtualDJ 8

For the latest information on the operating environment of Virtual DJ, please visit Virtual

  • Operation is not guaranteed on all computers, even if all the required operating environment conditions indicated here are fulfilled.
  • Depending on the computer’s power-saving settings, etc., the CPU and hard disk may not provide sufficient processing capabilities.
    For notebook computers in particular, make sure the computer is in the proper conditions to provide constant high performance
    (for example by keeping the AC power connected) when using Virtual DJ.
  • Please note Virtual DJ and DDJ-WeGO4 respectively support different operating systems. Click here to see the operating systems supported by DDJ-WeGO4.

VirtualDJ 8 PRO

You can purchase the upgraded PRO version.

Please access the webpage for buying VirtualDJ 8: Sign in the webpage using your VirtualDJ account and input your VirtualDJ LE 8 serial number in the field below the “Discount Prices”.
The serial number can be found on the Virtual DJ LE 8 license key card included with DDJ-WeGO4 unit.
After inputting the serial number, please follow the instructions shown on the screen to purchase your license.

Important notice to Mac users:
It was recently discovered that users may not be able to see or load tracks when they use VirtualDJ 8 PRO with iTunes v12.
Please update VirtualDJ PRO 8 to the latest version, Build 2003 or later to solve this problem.

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