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Subscriptions and Hardware Unlock devices

Why can't I control rekordbox ver. 6 with my DJ Player?

For products such as our DJ players, HID/MIDI control mode is not mandatory. Our CDJ series is primarily designed for standalone usage with USB playback utilizing onboard processing without the need for a computer.


We understand that some lower-priced models, such as our DJ controllers, support Hardware Unlock features. These products are designed primarily for use with rekordbox performance mode and/or third-party DJ software programs and they are distributed with the corresponding bundled software license key.


If your DJ unit isn't a Hardware Unlock device, you'll need to take out the relevant subscription plan to use the desired functions in rekordbox ver. 6.


You can obtain more details on the OS and control mode compatibility of each device on our Compatible DJ Units list.


You can check and compare the features and prices for each plan for ver. 6 and choose the subscription plan that best blends with your lifestyle.

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