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PRO DJ LINK connections (LAN, Wi-Fi)

What features can I use when the unit is connected to the PRO DJ LINK network?

When the unit is connected to the PRO DJ LINK network, the following features are available on the DJM-A9:
When you're playing a track that's been analyzed by rekordbox, the unit adds Beat FX by automatically synching it with the beat. This happens even if you're out of time with the beat when you use the [ON/OFF] button of [BEAT FX] or the [X-PAD] on the touch display.
You can use your headphones to monitor tracks stored in rekordbox on the connected PC/Mac, without loading them to the multi-players.
When the CDJ-3000 and DJM-A9 are connected via PRO DJ LINK, you can also monitor tracks by touching waveforms on the main display of the CDJ.
On-air information is displayed on the connected multi-players. If the multi-player supports the On Air Display feature, you can visually grasp the on-air information.
By connecting the PC/Mac and DJM-A9 with a USB cable, you can control a DJ application from up to 4 multi-players.
Note: This is only available when you use a supported DJ application and multi-players.
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