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PRO DJ LINK connections (LAN, Wi-Fi)

I can't connect my PC/Mac to the unit in the PRO DJ LINK network. Why not?

It may take 30 seconds to 1 minute for the connection to complete. If the connection can't be made even after 1 minute, follow the procedures below.
■ When rekordbox is in Performance mode
PRO DJ LINK features such as Link Export can only be used when rekordbox is in Export mode.
Click [PERFORMANCE] in the upper left corner of the rekordbox screen to switch to [EXPORT].
■ When your PC/Mac is connected to other networks at the same time
You may not be able to connect your PC/Mac properly if the PC/Mac is connected to a Wi-Fi network and to the unit via LAN at the same time.
Disconnect the other networks and try again.
■ When the network is blocked by the PC/Mac's security function
The required communication may be blocked by the firewall of the OS or security software.
Disable the firewall and try again.
■When the PC/Mac and DJ mixer are not on the same network
Turning on the wireless LAN router or LAN hub after turning on the mixer may cause the PC/Mac and mixer to connect to different networks. If this happens, unplug and plug back in the LAN cable connected to the mixer.
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