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PRO DJ LINK connections (LAN, Wi-Fi)

I can't find the SSID of the access point I want to use when I'm searching for an access point (wireless LAN router). What should I do?

・Search for an access point again.
・If you can't find the access point after several attempts, change the channel settings of the access point to a channel that's available on the unit, then try searching for the access point again.
For information on how to change the channel settings of your access point, refer to the instruction manual for your access point.
For information on how to search for an access point, see [Instruction Manual] > [Connecting the unit to a wireless network] > [Searching for an access point].
You can read the Instruction Manual [here]
You can find the list of "Available wireless LAN channels in each country"[here] > [Additional information].
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