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Output Issues

The sound comes out of my headphones or speakers incorrectly. [rekordbox]

There are 3 things to consider: settings, operation, and connection.
Please check each in the following sequence:
1) Confirm the audio output destination setting
1. Open rekordbox Preferences.
2. Click [Audio].
3. Check that each item is selected as follows:
■ Windows
Audio: DJM-A9 ASIO
Mixer Mode: External
Output Deck1 :DJM-A9 ASIO: CH1
Output Deck2: DJM-A9 ASIO: CH2
Output Deck3: DJM-A9 ASIO: CH3
Output Deck4: DJM-A9 ASIO: CH4
Output Sampler Deck: DJM-A9 ASIO: SAMPLER VOL
■ Mac
Audio: DJM-A9
Mixer Mode: External
Output Deck1:DJM-A9: CH1
Output Deck2:DJM-A9: CH2
Output Deck3:DJM-A9: CH3
Output Deck4:DJM-A9: CH4
Output Sampler Deck: DJM-A9: SAMPLER VOL
*If you can’t select the correct choice because it isn’t displayed or an error has occurred etc., refer to  "I can't set [AUDIO] in the rekordbox Preferences correctly."
2) Check the volume level operation
1. Play a track.
2. Set the [TRIM] knob to the center (12 o’clock).
3. Slide the channel fader to the top.
4. Slide the crossfader to the center.
5. Turn the MASTER [LEVEL] knob to 2 o'clock.
If the MASTER [LEVEL] indicator lights up more than halfway, there’s no problem with the settings and operation.
If you don’t hear any sound from the headphones at this point, check the following:
6. Turn the [MIX] knob for HEADPHONES A/B to the center.
7. Turn the [LEVEL] knob for HEADPHONES A/B all the way to the left.
8. Press the MASTER [CUE] button.
9. Turn the HEADPHONES A/B [LEVEL] knob slowly to the right.
3) Check the connection of speakers and headphones
For details, see [Connections] in the Instruction Manual.
Even if you’ve already connected them, reconnect them to make sure they’re properly connected.
You can read the Instruction Manual [here].
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