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Output Issues

The sound comes out of my headphones or speakers incorrectly. Why?

When no sound comes out or the volume is low, check each of the below in the following order:
This is an example when you use multi-players connected to [LINE] input.
1. Check the multi-players are connected properly.
2. Check the input selector switches on the relevant channels are set to [LINE].*
3. Play a track on the multi-player.
4. Adjust the [TRIM] knob so the channel level indicator lights up with the peak level at around [0] dB.
5. Slide the channel fader to the top and the crossfader to the center.
6. Adjust the MASTER [LEVEL] knob so the master level indicator lights up with the peak level at around [0] dB (so that the red light doesn't turn on).
If you don’t hear any sound from the headphones (HEADPHONES A) at this point, check the following:
7. Turn the [MIX] knob to the center.
8. Turn the [LEVEL] knob all the way to the left.
9. Press the [CUE A] button. (If you're using HEADPHONES B, press the [CUE B] button)
10. Turn the [LEVEL] knob slowly to the right.
*Set the input selector switches according to the sound input. For example, select [A] for the sound of a PC/Mac connected to the [USB/MIDI] input and select [PHONO] for a turntable connected to the PHONO terminal.
If the volume is still low, adjust the [ATT.] setting.
For details, see [Utility settings] in [Settings] in the Instruction Manual.
You can read the Instruction Manual [here].
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