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Software Information



To ensure good performance & maximum compatibility, make sure your device is up to date with the latest firmware & drivers:


DDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT now supports DJ Software VirtualDJ.

Supported Operating System
For the information on the latest system requirements of VirtualDJ, visit the Atomix website below.

Please use the latest version of VirtualDJ.
VirtualDJ is available from the Atomix website below.

●To use VirtualDJ with the DDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT, you'll need a license to unlock the software. For details, visit the website below.

You'll also need to update the DDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT firmware to ver. 1.11 or later.
For information on how to update the DDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT firmware, see below.
Firmware Update Guide

VirtualDJ software installation/settings
For the installation/settings of VirtualDJ, visit the website below.

Please refer to Hardware Diagram below for VirtualDJ.
Hardware Diagram

Please refer to the following website for VirtualDJ User Manual.

Supported operating systems when using VirtualDJ with theDDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT are as follows:
Mac: seethe latest informationof the DDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT for Mac OS.
Windows: seethe latest informationof the DDJ-FLX6/DDJ-FLX6-GT for Windows.

Your computer might not work properly when multiple versions of VirtualDJ application are installed. Uninstall all the already-installed VirtualDJ software, then install the VirtualDJ software you wish to use.

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