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What's buffer size and how can I adjust it?

The buffer size setting is a detailed setting related to audio transmission.
When you hear sound cuts or delays in operation, you can solve the issue by adjusting the buffer size. The larger the value of [Sample], the less likely you’ll hear sound cuts etc. The smaller the value is, the less likely you’ll experience delays in operation.
If you experience issues such as sound cuts, set the buffer size to a large value such as 1024 samples. Next, play a track and check it no longer cuts out. Then, change to a low value and use the unit. Repeat these steps until the sound cuts stop and you don't experience a delay in operation.
The process for adjusting buffer size depends on which DJ application you use.
■rekordbox for Mac/Windows
Adjust buffer size in rekordbox [Preferences] > [Audio] > [Buffer size].
(Windows users, click [Setting Utility] in the same window and adjust it on the [ASIO] tab.)
■rekordbox for iOS
There is no audibuffer size setting in rekordbox for iOS.
■Serato DJ Lite
Adjust buffer size in Serato DJ Lite [Setup] > [Audio] > [USB buffer size].
*The best value to set depends on your system specification.
*You don’t need to adjust buffer size if you’re not experiencing a particular problem.
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