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Output Issues

Sound skips, cuts, or is affected by noise. [rekordbox]

Three main factors can cause this and there are three possible countermeasures.
■When buffer size is the cause
If the buffer size is too low, sound cutting or noise may occur.
You can adjust buffer size in rekordbox [Preferences] < [Audio] < [Buffer size].
First, select a large value such as 1024. If the problem clears up, adjust to a value small enough that you can’t feel a delay (latency).
*The appropriate value depends on the system environment.
■When the connection or other equipment is the cause
An unstable connection with your PC/Mac may cause these problems.
To solve this, shut down your PC/Mac and disconnect all other USB devices and USB hubs.
Then, connect the unit directly to a different USB port.
■When your system (PC/Mac) is the cause
The following may solve the issue:
- Quit all other applications
- Disconnect from the internet and exit security software
- Turn off wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
- Turn off power-saving settings
- Turn off audio enhancements (Windows)
If your computer's system doesn’t meet the requirements of rekordbox, it may cause the issue.
Read details on system requirements [].
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