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Output Issues

Sound skips, cuts, or is affected by noise. [Serato]

Three main factors can cause this and there are three possible countermeasures.
■When buffer size is the cause
If the buffer size is too low, sound cutting or noise may occur.
You can adjust buffer size in Serato DJ Lite [Setup] < [Audio] < [USB Buffer size].
First, select a large value such as 20 ms. If the problem clears up, adjust to a value small enough that you can’t feel a delay (latency).
*The appropriate value depends on the system environment.
■When the connection or other equipment is the cause
An unstable connection with your PC/Mac may cause these problems.
To solve this, shut down your PC/Mac and disconnect all other USB devices and USB hubs.
Then, connect the DDJ-FLX4 directly to a different USB port.
■When your system (PC/Mac) is the cause
The following may solve the issue:
- Quit all other applications
- Disconnect from the internet and exit security software
- Turn off wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
- Turn off power-saving settings
- Turn off audio enhancements (Windows)
If your computer's system doesn’t meet the requirements of Serato DJ Lite, it may cause the issue.
Read details on system requirements on the Serato website [].
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